Rich's Garden Creations Inc


Watergardens and Statuaries

You have been brought to this site because your home is missing something. As beautiful as it is, it seems to lack that place of peace, that place where you can get away from the day, that place where you can kick your feet up or rest them on the deck railing, or patio chair, hands behind your head, and stretch.
Okay, now close your eyes and gently listen to your cascading waterfalls, laughing and gurgling, and teasing and playing with the Koi, the water lilies, and the cattails that make up your yard's underwater world, your own little microcosm. You can feel the soft, lily scented breezes caress your face as you close your eyes and commune with the paradise that you have created for yourself.

Your eyes still closed, you can feel the daily grind slowly slipping away from your consciousness, melting into the shadows, and sinking into the bottom of the falls. As gentle breezes flow over your forehead and shoulders you become acutely aware of your own breathing as you bask in the aromas and sounds of what Mother Nature has emblazed upon you from primordial times, connecting you to a level of consciousness that has long since been locked away.
Slipping into this peaceful time stream, shadows lengthen.

You are on a complete vacation from your daily tension. Upon returning to your own little realm of reality, you feel all of the stress has been expunged from your mind, muscles, joints, and organs. You are again complete in a way that you could never be amidst your daily grind.
Our location at 1719 Mileground Rd. in Morgantown, WV is our permanent location available for those who want to pick up their own materials or accessories. Over the years our growth patterns have enabled us to provide you, the consumer, with full customer service and a broad selection of services and inventory at a competitive price.
If you would like to add your family to the list of people who have tapped into the natural, peaceful, holistic, organic, and incredibly easy to maintain paradise, call us today to discover how incredibly easy it will be for you to own your own magical water garden.